Why Squash?

Squash offers a fast-paced, high-intensity workout, emphasizing agility and quick reflexes.

Box Leagues

Engage in squash box leagues for a dynamic and competitive way to enhance your game, fostering skill development, camaraderie, and a sense of achievement within a structured and social playing environment.

Squash Levels

Squash 101

Squash 101 is a comprehensive introduction covering court basics, rules, essential techniques, and strategies for beginners to develop a foundational understanding and skill set in the sport.

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Squash Girls Can

Joining England Squash Girls Can empowers young women through squash, fostering confidence, athleticism, and a supportive community that champions both personal and athletic growth.

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Every court and club in Hampsire is incredibly valuable, we have a plan to grow squash and improve the available courts across Hampshire

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About Hampshire Squash

Hampshire squash is a county squash association under the national body England Squash.

It is governed by the following constitution:

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